Cloud Computing for Global Sourcing, Global Trade and Global Logistics


For Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, 3PLs, 4PLs and Import-Export Companies

The business world has changed with Internet. New resources to get just in time the information needed and collaborate across company borders are widely available. As a result of this, supply chains have been extended globally thanks to a tight collaboration and synchronization of commercial and logistics operations. All this means ERP business software needs to work in a new way in which all the stakeholders of the global supply chain of a company comes to work together to address their common goals.

If you are heavily involved in Global Trade and your success depends on a tight synchronization between your sourcing operations,
your logistics operations and your selling process, then we have the right solution for you.

For Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, 3PLs and 4PLs

Become one-stop provider for Global Trade, including Logistics, B2B e-Commerce and International Payments powered by Smart Contracts (BlockChain)

  • We provide the tools you need to attract and retain more business and differentiate from your competition.
  • Transport Management System (TMS): Powerful solutions for Freight Rates Management, Pricing/Quotation, Shipments Planning, Execution and Tracking.
  • Take advantage of our many integrations with leading webservices for E-Logistics like INTTRA, Ocean Insights and Freightos.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): Powerful solutions for Inventory Management, Pick & Ship, Inventory Replenishment and Inventory Forecasting.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Powerful tools for container track & trace, vessel tracking and truck tracking. Keep your customers informed about any change related to their shipments.

For Import-Export Companies and Traders

Streamline your Global Trade with your suppliers and customers, manage your Global Supply Chain with full visibility and finance your activity with International Payments powered by Smart Contracts (BlockChain)

  • Get a complete vision of everything related with your customers, suppliers and logistic parts. Leverage leading Salesforce CRM platform also for SRM.
  • Trade more efficiently with your suppliers and customers thanks to our E-Business tools for E-Sourcing, B2B E-Commerce and E-Shipping.
  • Manage your Global Supply Chain with full visibility and get all your stakeholders informed in time. Take advantage of our integrations with Carriers, Freight Forwarders and 3PL.
  • Discover, register and manage new suppliers thanks to our integrations with B2B Marketplaces like Alibaba. Compare Supplier Quotes from different countries taking into account import-export costs.
  • International Product categorization, Customs Duties estimations with more than 100 countries and Customs Clearance.


Our customers are companies passionate about how technology can make big
improvements on their business and give then tremendous adventages over their comtetition.